4 Events for Actors this November

Whether you’re already a master of your craft or you’re still learning, events and workshops are a great way to add some new skills to your repertoire.

Here we’ve rounded up 4 events happening in November for actors:

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How to re-motivate yourself with Freelance work

Working freelance is incredible for so many reasons, but freelancers can suffer from dips in their motivation just as much as your typical employees can.

If (like me) you’ve ever worked an office job before, you’ll put your hand up and admit that there were a couple of days where you just found it really hard to motivate yourself.

That’s normal.

You’re human.

It’s very easy to beat yourself up about this, to bully yourself when you procrastinate or eek out that deadline.

But that’s not helpful.

So here are some helpful things you can do to rejuvenate yourself and get back into the swing of things:

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Get More Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s tought being a freelance writer.

Until you’ve built up a client portfolio, chances are you’re scouring the web looking for opportunities to write – and get paid for it.

To make your life a bit easier, we’ve rounded up 7 websites for you to add to your bookmarks right now.

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Using social media to drive traffic: 3 Quick Tips

This week we’ve interviewed a social media manager to get more on-the-ground tips of how to leverage social media to drive traffic. We’ve rounded this up into 3 quick tips to help you!

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Write a killer blog post in just 7 steps

You don’t want to publish any piece of content on your blog that isn’t screaming to be read.

But it can also be hard to keep churning out new, insightful content every month.

That’s why we’ve put together this concise, 7 step guide to help you craft awesome, readable content.

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Writing Blogs for Readers, not Google

blogging blur business communication

If you’re marketing using a blog, or if your blog is a large part of your business, then chances are you’ve heard of keywords.

Keywords do what they say on the tin – they’re the essence of what you’re writing about, and they’re also what Google uses to decide how and where to rank your content.

Now, the old way of thinking was very much “the more keywords the better” … but this doesn’t make for very good reading for humans, and Google has started to realise this. It’s already made changes to its algorithm to prioritise blogs that write for their users, and not for search engines.

Here are 5 tips for keeping your blog content keyword-rich, without ruining the reading experience and landing yourself a hefty penalty:

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Lesser Known Social Media Platforms You Need to Know About

We’ve all heard of the social media giants. But what about the social media sites that are localised to a country, or two countries?

If you’re trying to break into international markets and are looking for new social media platforms to help you – this post is for you.

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