Penguin chats with … the Bristles team

Penguin in the Room spoke to the team behind new comedy film Bristles about their story and fundraising for film.


Bristles in 25 words or less – go.
Quirky comedy about the perils of honeymooning in the 1930s. Lilly is adventure-loving and modern, Lisle is a straight-laced prude. It’s all about to go wrong.

A lot of people are using crowdfunding these days. Why should people support Bristles?
Well, we’re running a sort of interactive crowdfunding experience. By pledging, you become part of this couple’s reality. As the film is about their honeymoon, we’re having a wedding reception for them. On Kickstarter you choose which wedding guest you are – so you might be the work colleague, or the best man, or the fourth cousin once removed, depending on what pledge you make – and that is your character at the wedding. There are also rewards like naming a character in the film, or actually being in the film, which means that Lilly and Lisle will meet you on their honeymoon. The way you pledge might change the film completely.

You both started out as actors, but you are doing more than acting this time aren’t you …
For me (Noor) acting and producing go hand in hand. They employ a very similar skill set and require copious amounts of energy! It’s really important to know which role you are doing at which time and keep clear boundaries. I love having a relationship with the whole crew as well as my fellow cast, and often produce films that I can act in which helps further both careers of mine!

Is this a full time job for you?
God yes! But then there are all the other full time jobs we have to do on top! Multi-tasking and delegation are extremely important in pre-production. We’re very lucky to have a dedicated team working around the clock on this campaign.

So are you getting paid?
God no! This is a passion project for us, but one of the reasons we’re working so hard is to make sure we can pay our cast and crew. Our mission statement is to “invest in people before things” and Danielle’s article, recently featured in Creative Digest, talks about a new way of making indie films. We have a fantastic crew on board who are all committed to pooling resources to make an awesome high-production value, highly collaborative film.

What advice would you give someone starting out on their first production?
Be humble and value the people around you. Film can often feel like an isolated medium to work in because there will be a lot on your plate, but actually there is a beautiful community of collaborators happy to get involved. Everyone is full of great ideas and many have built up a solid list of resources over time.

How have you incorporated social media into your campaign?
We have had an overwhelming response to our Facebook page and Twitter account as soon as we launched them. We make sure we share varied content and we are really looking to engage with our audience, share stories of interest, consistently shoot new footage and photos to keep everyone updated and we have been interacting with all the businesses who have shown their support.

Facebook: bristlesfilm
Back the project via Kickstarter here: “Bristles”

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