Top Tips for Radio Freelancers on Social Media

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We chatted to radio freelancers at RIGtrain: a brilliant training event run by The Radio Independents Group this week and we thought we would share some of our top tips with you!

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Get the story

Twitter is a great place for you find that great story or guest for your radio work! Use the twitter search function to search keywords in your area of interest eg. nature , keep an eye on whats trending in that left hand column (pic below) and keep an eye on influencers in your circles of interest ie. people on twitter who are active and share interesting news and stories that are relevant to you!

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Live Stream

Live stream your radio shows or podcasts through Periscope or Facebook Live and trick people who wouldn’t normally tune in for audio content into listening! Live streaming helps you engage with visual content consumers and give a behind the scenes look at recording.


Use hashtags to link together your posts on social media and create a project timeline. Got a new podcast? Create a hashtag and promote it both in audio content and visually on posters and social media icons. This is a great way to bring everything together and if your show is very popular your hashtag could even start trending which means more people will be encouraged to join in.

Promote yourselves

As a freelancer you need to view yourself as a business and don’t forget to market that business. Let us know what you are up to via social media channels, promote your projects and successes and network with other freelancers in radio as this could lead to paid work!


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