5 Things You Need To Know About Pinterest

Tangled Feet Pinterest

Thanks  to client Tangled Feet for this image of their Pinterest profile

Pinterest began in 2009 and is a social media network that is image based! Hurrah and hurray for creative people who work in visual mediums. Pinterest isn’t just for discovering wedding ideas, it can be used for your career too. Here are five things you need to know about this social platform

1. It’s FREE

Like almost all social media networks it is free so just go to www.pinterest.com to set up an account. Why wouldn’t you?!

2. It’s easy to use

You create online pin boards, you know like the cork ones we had when we were kids. You then pin images from the internet to you your online pin board. You can have an “inspiration board” where you can pin images that inspire you (does what it says on the tin) and wonderful work by other artists/creatives and this can be useful when pitching projects or devising your own work. You can also create boards of your own work perhaps labelled by the year or theme. You can also follow other peoples boards (and they can follow you) and you can use snazzy images from other people’s boards and pin them on your own board to share the love. You can even comment on other people’s images to tell them how wonderful they are.

3. It’s useful 

It is a great way to promote your work visually – we can see images of all your artworks/performances/make up in one place. Just think of the impact! You can also promote the link to your board via your website and other social media to engage with followers.

It’s a wonderful tool for raising awareness of your work and gathering an online fan base, as other people can comment on your images and re-pin them to your their own boards ie. sharing the image with their friends and followers.

4. Some things are private

A couple of years ago Pinterest introduced private boards. Private boards mean that you can create a mood board for a new project and keep it to yourself until the work is finished. After completion of your product you can publish the inspiration board behind it so your followers get an insight into your process. Cool, huh?

5. Copyright?

It is definitely worth putting your copyright in the title of the image or adding your watermark/logo to the image so that others cannot reproduce it. This also means that when other profiles pin your images they are also promoting your brand and logo.

Enjoy promoting your work and please do tweet or facebook us the links to your boards!


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