5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

Facebook is cracking down on unengaging, unloved Facebook Pages. 

For some of the larger Pages, the update won’t negatively impact their reach, because their posts are already performing well enough to tick Facebook’s box of “encouraging meaningful discussions.”

But what about if you have a Page that performs averagely? Your fans, your customers, your clients like and comment and share, but not all the time.

How do you re-work your strategy and make sure your Page is still showing up in your fan’s News Feed?

Well, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are 10 sure-fire ways to boost your Facebook Page engagement, and keep it that way, which will help you climb back up to the surface of the ocean that is the News Feed.

1. Make the most of Facebook Live7195fb89-24b2-4904-8be7-994730fa58a4-768x828.jpg

Facebook Live videos, on average, generate over 6 times the engagement levels than normal videos do. Wow right?!

Not only this, but people spend a lot more time watching Live videos than they do watching your standard, embedded videos.

For viewers watching from desktop computers, average viewing time for a Facebook Live video was a whopping 34.5 minutes (!) compared to standard video, which was just 2.6 minutes.

Not only this, but your Live video will still generate engagement even after it has ended. Over 40% of the engagement, to be exact.

So if you haven’t already: start making Facebook Live videos part of your Page’s strategy.

2. Make sure your fans are around when you’re posting

We know that scheduling can take the ‘social’ out of social media, but if done right it can really aid your social media stats and your engagement.

That’s because scheduling your content can help you drop it into your audience right when they’re all bored and looking for something to occupy their thumb for five minutes.

Posting at your ‘peak times’ will mean your posts are more likely to get the likes, shares, comments and reactions you deserve.

To figure out which time works best for you, you should consult Facebook’s Page Insights to track and analyze your engagement data.

3. Boost posts that get higher than average Organic engagement


Ah, organic engagement. Such a long way of saying: people seeing your stuff without you having to pay for it.

That’s what makes it great!

But! Pages miss a trick when they don’t piggyback on their own awesomeness and boost their high-performing organic posts.

Boosting them gives them a chance to reach an audience wider than those who already like your page, meaning more thumbs ups, more comments and more shares.

You don’t have to spend a fortune, either. Facebook can boost a post for as little as a tenner, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of the return on the investment that you’ll get.

4. Don’t underestimate the value of curated posts


Curated posts are posts by other people that you’re re-sharing with your audience. They could be videos, photos, gifs or anything in between.

In Buffer’s 2017 round-upfour of their five top performing posts were curated content, meaning they got nearly four-fifths of their top engagement by simply sharing the good work of others!

Of course this doesn’t mean you should hit ‘share’ on every hilarious cat video that finds its way into your personal feed.

You need to make sure the content is relevant for your audience and fit for your brand.

If it ticks those two boxes: fire away!

5. Share only content that is valuable to your fans

kaboompics_Beautiful diamond earring on a hand.jpg

Your content needs to be the kind of stuff that your fans see and want to tout around.

In Hootsuite’s Content Marketing 101 Guide, they recommend you follow these five steps in ensuring your content is awesome, and I have to say, they cover off all the boxes:

  1. It is helpful to the audience.
  2. It is rooted in specific, tangible, and real customer problems.
  3. It delivers on its promise.
  4. Is it actionable. (Include a link to your upcoming show/your new product/your beautiful face)
  5. You are proud to share it. Is it something you’d share with your friends?

Now, just make sure you’re not making these 5 Mistakes and your brand new facebook plan is ready to go!

penguinPenguin in the Room @prartsmarketing is a group of creatives with an arts marketing dream: penguin stepping our way into the arts industry and helping other creatives flourish! Specialising in online marketing, social media, branding, copy writing, media coaching and web design for actors, artists, casting directors, agents, production companies, theatre companies and creative individuals.

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