3 Steps To Running A Re-Consent Campaign For Your Newsletter Subscribers

If you read our previous post about the changes to data protection laws coming into place in the EU this May 2018, chances are you’re thinking about running a re-consent campaign.

If you’re not thinking about this yet- well, you should. Because all of your data, even old data, needs to be GDPR compliant if you are a business or enterprise and you are sending emails in order to make sales.

Step One: Identify Those That Need to Reconfirm


If you have explicit permission from your customers that you can store their data for the express purpose you are storing their data, then you do not need to send them a re-consent email.

However, if you acquired their data via a ‘lead magnet’ (e.g. download this awesome video in return for your e-mail address!) or via a GDPR non-compliant opt-in form (e.g. a pre-ticked box or one that does not explicitly tell the customer how and why you are storing their data) then they need to re-consent.

Implied consent is not active consent and therefore is not GDPR compliant.

Step Two: Give Them A Reason To Stay


We all get flooded with e-mails we ignore and there are going to be a lot of re-consent emails flooding our inboxes in the next few months.

You want to re-affirm that your product, your brand or your content is useful to them, that it will add something to their day that they need (check out our post on how to add value to your customers this way)

You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Give them exclusive access to something
  • Give them a discount
  • Give them a freebie

Whatever works for your brand and your product. Weigh the value of the giveaway/discount against the value of losing their custom.

Step Three: Make It Important


You want to ask your list to take action, to re-consent, so scream it at them. Maybe put ‘ACTION NEEDED’ or ‘IMPORTANT’ in the header of your email.

You want to try and get them to reconsent before the date passes, so make your e-mail scream OPEN ME.

You can run several emails as part of one campaign, so why not try A-B testing the first and re-deploying your more successful campaign header to those who didn’t open the email the first time around?

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