Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

For a long time, Facebook advertising was seen as the best way to spend your hard-earnt and painfully spent marketing pounds.

Not only did it reach your ideal audience with their trained targeting tool, but it also offered a higher conversion rate (ie. sold more tickets/got more clicks) than your more typical Google Adwords campaigns (those adverts at the top of google search engine). Well that was according to Facebook anyway.

However, with the new changes that have been brought in: is Facebook advertising still worth it?

The short answer is yes.

1. Facebook and Google are predicted to have a bigger market as large as $3 trillion (that’s about £3 trillion because of Brexit)


In a recent study conducted by Credit Suisse, they claimed that online advertising will be a bigger deal in the coming years than is currently predicted.

This has been put down to the ‘death’ (harsh) of traditional retail, with most shoppers going online to make their purchases rather than heading to their local shops.

This is a huge benefit to online companies because it means your audience online won’t dry up and it’ll continue to grow.

The $3 trillion figure is the amount of profit that is estimated to be sunk into online advertising in the coming years. That’s a lot of dollar! Staggering, right?

2. Facebook’s Targeting Will Only Get More Tailored


Facebook’s ability to draw in advertising money is due to the amount of data it collects on its customers. They use this to place your product in front of the people most likely to buy it: a service that Google also offers, but not down to the same amount of minute detail.

Not only can you target based on age but also down to interests, location and gender.

So if you know that the people who buy your tickets/product tend to be 20-somethings in the London area who love Peep Show: Facebook has you covered!

3. Facebook Allows You to Flex Your Budgets


One of the beauties of Facebook advertising is that you can achieve a lot for a little: and switch it off at any time.

Not that this is a comparison with Google (which also lets you do this) but Facebook has a much lower access point (you can spend less) than Adwords advertising does versus the amount of engagement and reach you’re estimated to get.

You’re just not battling the same algorithms you are with Facebook.

With facebook you can also set a lifetime budget, to make sure that you never unintentionally spend more than you can afford – so your two year old can spend thousands on your phone apps but not on your facebook ad account! Phew! This level of control is what makes Facebook advertising so attractive to small businesses with a tighter marketing budget.

4. You Can Get Creative


Facebook advertising can be as creative as you are, and there are only a few restrictions (such as text to image ratio) that you need to abide by.

This means you can let your flair and personality show a lot more than you can through Google Adwords, which requires some canny manoeuvring in terms of keywords and buzz terms.

As well as opting for image and video led campaigns, you can also run a collection campaign (using more than one image) or a canvas campaign, which allows users to have a full-screen experience of your ad (so it better be an awesome experience!)

5. The Numbers Say They Work


According to in-depth research conducted by Sprout Social 93% of marketers use Facebook regularly to advertise to their customers.

That means that there are nearly 3 billion businesses benefitting from Facebook advertising, earning Facebook nearly $8 billion.

Not only this, but 70% of these businesses were outside the US like us!

If that’s not reason enough, we don’t know what is! Want to talk about running a successful Facebook campaign? Contact us today! 

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