Working in Radio? Here’s Why You Need a Blogcast

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Now anyone with a passion for radio will know that if you sat behind your microphone and read straight off a script all day, your listeners would be bored as heck.

That’s because writing a blog and actually doing a radio show (or podcast) are two wildly different things.

When we speak, we make fun little inflections with our voice and odd sounds as we pause and try and remember the word we’re looking for.

When we write, we’re doing it at our own time and at our own pace, (and we can totally just Google that word).

So why on earth then are we telling you to combine oil and water into a Blogcast?

Well, that’s because we’re not saying read your blog posts out verbatim as a podcast.

We’re saying twist stuff you’ve already written into a new content form, which is something people do all the time! You can turn your awesome blog posts into infographics, comics, inspirational quotes that’ll sit on Twitter until the end of time.

So why not a podcast?

Or, if you already have an awesome podcast – turn this around and twist it into a blog.

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Why bother with a Blogcast?

Over 409 million people read blogs.

It’s estimated that 26% of Americans and 31% of Brits listen to podcasts. Mainly in the car on their way to/from work.

Now that is a tonne of people.

So why not try and reach all of them?

How to get started

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  1. Find your best piece of content. If you’ve got a blog, find out which one has the most hits. If you’ve got a podcasts, find out which one nabbed the most listeners (usually through seeing how many downloads you got)
  2. Work this up into something new. Like we said, you can’t just go reading your blog post through a microphone. And you definitely don’t want to transcribe your audio word for word, unless you think your readers will love reading “Umm… errr…”
  3. Do a bit of brainstorming. How can you pull out the main message from your podcast, and write it up as a blog? Or how can you pull out the most story-like element from your blog, and chat it out as a podcast?
  4. Give it a trial run – because if you don’t try, then you’ll never know.
  5. And keep at it, following steps 1-5, until you’ve covered all your content.

How to know if it’s working

Now when you start any new platform, it’s tough.

But you have the bonus of being able to cross-promote. So if you’ve got loyal listeners, start plugging your blog at the end of your pieces. If you’ve got avid readers, start including a link to your podcast at the end of your blog.

And measure it.

Give anything six months before you decide whether it’s worth your time, as it takes a while to build anything up from nothing.

And check back here for more conversion tips, coming soon!

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