How To Get More Gigs as a Freelance Writer

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Freelance is awesome. You get to set your own hours, play by your own rules and (hopefully) spend your time doing something you love doing.

But there’s also a downside to working freelance.

And that’s if you’re not working, you’re not earning.

But how do you get good, regular gigs?

Well… you can’t. Or not always, at least.

But you can still be consistent in the amount of work you do. 

And here are 10 websites that can help:

1. Freelance Writing Gigs

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Not only is this a fantastic resource for tips, it also has a regularly updated job board. So pop it in your bookmarks bar, and when you’re income pipeline feels a bit squeezed, have a look through and see what you can find.

2. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 21.19.46.png

This one does what it says on the tin. It sends you a newsletter each morning with a set of new freelance job listings for you to check through!

No, it’s not too good to be true, we promise.

3. Due

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 17.10.58.png

One for the technical writers, these guys are looking for something a bit longer form, so guides, or new industry research. Great if you have a background in finance, blockchain, banking or general business advice

4. Paid to Blog

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 17.16.34

This is a subscription site, but as with all subscription sites if you put in some graft you can make your money back. Their job lists are extremely well curated (given it was created by a freelance writer who understands the job-hunting struggle.)

5.Freedom With Writing

Not the sexiest of websites, given, but these guys send out a really good newsletter of new opportunities and you can even get paid to write for them!


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