Lesser Known Social Media Platforms You Need to Know About

We’ve all heard of the social media giants. But what about the social media sites that are localised to a country, or two countries?

If you’re trying to break into international markets and are looking for new social media platforms to help you – this post is for you.

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Site: QQ

Country:  People’s Republic of China

Users: 829 million

QQ started as an IM service and has grown to include online social games, music, shopping, microblogging and group and voice chat.  Whilst not as big as Facebook, which is currently blocked by China’s firewall, QQ’s reach is huge. Ironically, you can sign into QQ International using your Facebook account.


Site: Orkut

Country:  Brazil, India

Users: around 50 million, it’s hard to be specific and Google isn’t telling

Owned by Google, Orkut, the site that lets you evaluate whether your friend is ‘Trustworthy’, ‘Cool’ or ‘Sexy’ on a scale of 1 to 3 was big in Brazil and India. On the 30th of June 2014, Google announced that Orkut would be shutting down due to its inability to keep up with the likes of other Google products such as YouTube and Google+.


Site: Skyrock

Country:  France

Users: 21 million

They are cool, the French. As well as the standard sharing and posting functionality, Skyrock offers members a specific space for members to showcase their own musical compositions. In 2005 the breakout of civil unrest was attributed to Skyrock by some of the press. Well it wouldn’t be French without a revolution.


Site: Mixi.jp

Country: Japan

Users: 22 million

Mixi is defined by anonymity, with users preferring nicknames and avatars to real-life photos.  In 2008, Mixi began ‘Celebrity Accounts’ in which celebrities who are on the social networking site are allowed to surpass the 1000-friend limit. The only downside of trying to use Mixi for any form of marketing… you need a Japanese mobile phone number.


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