How to re-motivate yourself with Freelance work

Working freelance is incredible for so many reasons, but freelancers can suffer from dips in their motivation just as much as your typical employees can.

If (like me) you’ve ever worked an office job before, you’ll put your hand up and admit that there were a couple of days where you just found it really hard to motivate yourself.

That’s normal.

You’re human.

It’s very easy to beat yourself up about this, to bully yourself when you procrastinate or eek out that deadline.

But that’s not helpful.

So here are some helpful things you can do to rejuvenate yourself and get back into the swing of things:

1. Try and figure out what’s caused your dip


This involves a bit of self-reflection, which might feel uncomfortable (or not, depending on how au fait you are with meditation!)

It might be a particular piece of work that’s getting you down, it might be that you haven’t spent enough time on your own projects. You know. The ones you don’t get paid for.

If it’s the fact you haven’t connected with your creative side, turn your focus to your own projects for a period of time. I’m not telling you to ignore deadlines you’ve promised to clients or to let your work build up to unmanageable levels, but carve out some time for you. This is easy to forget when your a freelancer as often, paid work is the priority. Try getting up a half-hour earlier and spending that time solely on your projects (preferably before your clients wake up and fire up their emails.)


2. Get some advice from like-minded individuals


Freelancers are solitary creatures, by nature. We sit at our computers and we write, or we draw, or design, or create, often without the input of others.

Why not sign up to one of LinkedIn’s freelancer network, or join a group on Facebook to find people in the same boat as you.

Sometimes, hearing someone else is having the same problem as you makes it feel more acceptable. That’s how the problem goes from being a big one to a not-so-big one.

3. Take some time out


I know, I know. We get to go and sit in coffee shops at 11am! We don’t get holidays!

Your work is your work, and just like an office job will exhaust you, so will doing something you love. You need to make sure you take some time for yourself. You’re allowed leave, too.

You’ve just got to plan it a little better.

4. Make sure you’re getting the basics right

kaboompics_Puppy sleeping with iPhone 6.jpg

Often not enough sleep, a poor diet, and a lack of exercise will exacerbate problems (especially if, like me, you get regular visits from everyone’s favourite friend: anxiety.)

If you’re experiencing a dip, take a look at your calendar.

Have you been burning the candle at both ends? Have you been making sure you’re eating enough? Drinking enough water? Sleeping enough?

Often the simplest solution is the best one (I’m sure someone famous said that, but I can’t remember who. Smart person, whoever they are.)

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