Top 5 Blogging Tips from “Blogging for Business” by Business Training Made Simple

Hot of the press: here are the top 5 tips I picked up from the brand new “Blogging for Business” course run by Business Training Made Simple

Top 5 Tips:

  1. It’s free – you can create a free blog to showcase your skills, writing, expertise and to help and inform your clients and followers. “The best things in life are free, ba ba ba ba”.
  2. Spacing – People have less time to read on the net so format your blogs to make them easier to read. Use that spacebar! Create small paragraphs, headings, bullets to make your posts look pretty.
  3. Keywords – Make sure you are using those searchable words ie. the words you would pop into google, so people can find your blog! That includes location, topic, company name, your name.
  4. Commitment – Stick with it! You won’t get a billion subscribers and comments over night (unfortunately) but stick with it. Do a little blog diary (yes that means new stationary – hurrah!) and make a schedule of how many blogs you aim to publish a month and try to stick to it.
  5. Promote it! – There’s no good writing a fabulous blog and keeping it for yourself. Let other people join in with your blogging joy by promoting your posts via twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc

There we are! I hope you found these tips as useful as I have.

Till next time, keep on blogging.

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