4 Casting Websites You Need to Bookmark

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As an actor, chances are you’re already either thinking about booking jobs, searching for jobs to book or actually booking jobs.

Regardless of which stage you are in the process, we’ve rounded up 4 websites that you need to keep in your bookmarked folders at all times.

These websites list free casting calls that you can come along to without necessarily needing agent representation.

And whilst, yes, that means there might be some stiff competition – it’s nothing you can’t handle.

So let’s dive in shall we?

1. Spotlight

Membership: £150 a year

A list of casting websites wouldn’t be complete without Spotlight holding the Number 1 spot.

Generally speaking to book jobs in the UK you need to be a member of either Equity, the actor’s union, or Spotlight. It’s not a pre-requisite, but it’ll certainly get you taken more seriously when you’re giving it your best to the casting director.

Spotlight is the home of casting in the UK. Big productions like Episodes and House of Cards used Spotlight to book their talent.

So keep that in your number 1 spot.

2. Backstage

Membership: £100 a year (6 months free here)

Backstage requires you to be a member, but it posts casting calls from all over the world. You can, of course, narrow your fields down (unless you’re willing to hop a flight to LA as and when) and it also boasts “over 6,000 industry jobs” for you to take a gander at.

Create your talent profile, network with fellow professionals, get email updates about upcoming roles and auditions and apply to casting calls quickly, all through their online portal.

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3. Mandy Actors (UK)

(Free registration, paid memberships too)

Mandy Actors (formerly CastingCall Pro) is a leading casting website in the UK . Find and apply for acting jobs, create your own portfolio; showcase your skills and get noticed!

Just like the others you’ll receive casting notifications to your inbox, but you can also create your own website through the website (which includes hosting) which is pretty cool!

4. The Stage

(Free registration)

The Stage features the latest film, TV and theatre auditions. The Stage Castings is packed with auditions and casting opportunities for anyone looking for acting, singing, dancing or presenter jobs.

The great thing about The Stage is you can access all their job vacancies and casting adverts for free (and read up to 5 articles!) without opting for the paying membership.

Happy booking! 🙂 And let us know if you think we’re missing a gem in our list 😉

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