Reignite Your Social Media in 2019 – 3 Tips to Get Off to a Fresh Start


Happy New Year!

It can be tough constantly having to come up with new ways to be engaging online.

Especially if your business relies on social media as one of its key marketing channels.

So this January, we’ve made the hard work easier for you by coming up with 3 new ways to give your social media a bit of a jolt-start this 2019.

1. Use story-form social posts

We all love stories – and it’s not just up to writers to do them. Some of the best performing social posts of 2018 were ‘live-tweet’ stories, where audiences followed a situation as it unfolded in real time.

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 17.03.59.png

Now this might sound complicated. After all, what have you got to tell a story about?

Well, depending on your field, how about these ideas?

  • Meeting with a guest for your show/someone that’s going to help your business
  • A funny story from filming/recording/shooting/performing
  • Something odd (and possibly business unrelated) that happened in your day
  • Entertaining conversations

2. Focus on quality rather than quantity

We talked about the ‘white noise’ social media posts in 2018, and we definitely do not want to carry those through to 2019!

Instead of looking at social media as some kind of broadcast opportunity, focus instead on seeing it as an opportunity to hand-pick what you want to show off about yourself/your business/your brand.

In fact, studies have shown that having less content can promote higher engagement in each content piece.

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3. Reach out to other people and do some partnerships

We all know that building own brand often includes networking, regardless of your industry. But how about partnering up with someone in order to take your social media to the next level this year?

Working with someone else in your field (or in the wider sphere of your industry) gets their audience in front of yours, and your audience in front of theirs. You could do this as a one-off (perhaps doing short-form video content, or an image series)

Have you got new ways that you’ll be spicing up your social media feeds this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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