10 Top Life Coaching Tips for Success and Happiness in 2015

Penguin in the Room spoke to top life coach Carole Ann Rice for top tips for your road to success in 2015. We will be following some of these too.


Carole’s top tips for 2015 are:

1. Be “responsibly selfish”

We often put our needs last on the list but now its time to carve out space for YOU to relax, take up new hobbies, eat well and invest in your wellbeing and development.

2. Have Goals

When we feel we are working towards something life takes on a new dynamic. Find some top tips on goal setting here.

3. Stop Controlling

There are very few things we can truly control – other people, our future, the now. Learn to live in the more, after all it’s all we have.

4. Act ‘as if’

Act confident, in demand and successful and people will buy into it and treat you that way.

5. Celebrate the day

Stop saving your best dress, shirt, earrings, perfume for special days. Seize the day and loo and feel your best and lavish yourself with all your best stuff right here and right now.

6. Don’t put life on hold

Happiness and feeling great is not something outside of you or over there. We often think “I’ll be happy when…” but happiness is something you ‘be’ not wait to become. What if you had everything within you right this minute to be happy and complete?

7. Learn to ‘let go’

Life delivers knocks, blows and setbacks to all of us and it is our ability to “let go” of negative experiences which dictates our happiness and wellbeing. Make peace with your past and move on.

8. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Declutter your life of extraneous, tiresome or useless things. That includes your home, thoughts and community.

9. Look for silver linings

We are hard wired to go to the negative, to be vigilant and expect the worst to happen. Try to train your brain to see the positive and look on the bright side. As yourself “What’s the best that could happen?”

10. Smile

You can find Carole Ann Rice at Real Coaching: www.realcoachingco.com

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