The biggest mistake new theatre companies make…

Tangled Feet Mentees

We loved leading marketing workshop for Tangled Feet’s young theatre company mentees this month. Off the back of our discussions in the workshop here is the biggest mistake new theatre companies tend to make.


We know that sounds disappointing but actually it’s brutal but useful advice! Your company has been brought together because of a love of performing and a similar collective spirit and of course you want to make amazing theatre but you need to think outside of that too.

You can make brilliant work in your living room but if no-one ever sees or is exposed to the work that is where it will stay.

It’s very important to thing about the aims and objectives of your theatre company which all feeds into your brand.

  • Why have you come together as a collective?
  • What type of work do you want to make?
  • What makes your work different from other theatre companies?

These questions will not only inform your marketing they will inform your work!

Break a leg!

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