How to promote your film via social media. A simple guide.

Screaming Guns, Feature Film, Penguin in the Room

Image: “Screaming Guns” feature film. Find Screaming Guns on twitter: @screaming_guns and Facebook. Screening at the BFI 30th Nov 2012.

The best way to promote your film via social media is to start before you have the finished product! A teaser campaign which spans across writing, filming, editing and screening will create a journey for your product and engage fans along the way so that when you have your dazzling finished film your fan-base will be jumping at the bit to see it!

Which Social media channels?

It’s a good idea to spread your effort between a few channels this will ensure more outreach but don’t make it difficult for yourself… go ahead and use links between your channels! Eg. Uploading a YouTube video gives you content for twitter and Facebook posts.

Top tip for each social media channel

Twitter – create a hashtag for your film (read more about hashtags here)

Facebook – post images! They can be of actors, filming, editing etc.

YouTube – create dedicated channel.

LinkedIn – create company page for film/production company.

Pinterest – create board for each stage eg. Inspiration, casting, filming.

Most important final tip is: don’t forget to invite me to the screening!

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